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prescripts meaning in Hindi

prescripts sentence in Hindi
1.The intent of this prescript, say its founders, is to

2.These other regulations are the " other prescripts " mentioned in the heading of ?.

3.In the original prescripts the register contained twelve designations, thought to correspond to months:

4.Hebrews does not fit the form of a traditional Hellenistic epistle, lacking a proper prescript.

5.In the second prescript each officer appoints the lower officer with the approval of his superior.

6.Zeno added that even imperial Prescripts were not to be accepted if they granted monopolies to anyone.

7.Article 94 determines that legal prescripts are inapplicable if they conflict with treaties of a generally binding nature.

8.That power is now constitutionally authonsed and must be exercised within the prescripts and ethos of the Constitution.

9.Former Confederate Brigadier General George Gordon developed the " Prescript ", which espoused white supremacist belief.

10.The first two variables can be used to indicate a prescript ( e . g ., Spanish pronunciation : ).

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