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English-Hindi > prescriptive period

prescriptive period meaning in Hindi

prescriptive period sentence in Hindi

चिरभोग की कालावधि
prescriptive    अनुशासनमूलक
period    वाक्य विराम समय
1.The statutes of limitations or prescriptive periods are usually shorter when dealing with personal or movable property.

2.In this event, the dominant owner will generally not be indemnified by the land registry for the statutory prescriptive period.

3.For example, a debtor's admission that a debt is still owed renews the creditor's claim against the debtor and starts the tolling of another prescriptive period.

4.The letter requests their cooperation in extending from one to two years the prescriptive period for policyholders with Hurricane Katrina and / or Rita claims to file no later than August 1, 2006.

5.The 25-day prescriptive period is precisely there to protect a bona fide candidate from legal harassment since the case should be filed within that period if there is any real issue against a candidate,

6.De Lima said they could still go after Filart and Ventura, as well as the Villadolid brothers, since the prescriptive period of 20 years for homicide does not apply to them because they were abroad.

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