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English-Hindi > prescriptive right

prescriptive right meaning in Hindi

prescriptive right sentence in Hindi

prescriptive    अनुशासनमूलक
right    दक्षिण पक्ष
1.Burke believed in prescriptive rights and that those rights were " God-given ".

2.The members of the corps had the prescriptive right to choose the regiment to which they would be attached.

3."A landowner who wishes to stop the acquisition of prescriptive rights must not acquiesce and suffer in silence"

4.The adat law or adatrecht has been used by colonial government as a legal term designating a prescriptive right, which was given currency as an independent legal entity apart from the canon law.

5.After the hearing the court decided that the cutting of ore-weed and the making of kelp on Te�n was the prescriptive right of Nance, and the trespassers were fined 2s 6d each.

6.The defendant claimed that he held a prescriptive right to leave an unlimited number of cars on his neighbour's land, by way of such a right having existed for some fifty years previously.

7.At the present time and for several centuries past the title has been obtained only by an express grant from the Sovereign effected by letters patent; but a certain number of cities possess the title by very ancient prescriptive right.

8.Craig argues that Strachan " believed in an ordered society, an established church, the prerogative of the crown, and prescriptive rights; he did not believe that the voice of the people was the voice of God ."

9.These were firstly the collective heritage of the clan, known as their " duthchas ", which was their prescriptive right to settle in the territories in which the chiefs and leading gentry of the clan customarily provided protection.

10.The legal status of the Fair does not depend on a charter, therefore, but on the legal concept of'prescriptive right . "'Praescriptio est titulus ex usu et tempore substanniam capiens ab auctoritate legis ."

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