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English-Hindi > pressor reflex

pressor reflex meaning in Hindi

pressor reflex sentence in Hindi

रक्तदाबवर्धक प्रतिवर्त
pressor    वाहिकासंकीर्णक
reflex    छाया प्रतिबिंब
1.The spinal cat demonstrated slight evidence of exercise pressor reflex activity.

2.Further transection of the neuraxis ( caudal to the midcollicular level ) attenuated the exercise pressor reflex.

3."Therefore, we examined the contribution of selected levels of the neuraxis in mediating the pressor reflex evoked by muscular contraction from stimulation of ventral roots.

4.These results provide clarification as to representation of this pressor reflex within the CNS and establish the reflex's characteristics at several levels of neuraxis integration . " 1

5.Commonly, in various pressor reflexes, the central chemoreceptors, which transform chemical signals into action potentials, and the baroreceptors, which sense pressure changes, of the carotid sinuses work together to increase or decrease blood pressure.

6.Decerebrate cats exhibited larger pressor reflexes than those found in intact alpha-chloralose-anesthetized cats, a difference more apparent at low ( 5 Hz or repeated twitch ) rather than at high ( 50 Hz or tetanic ) stimulus frequencies.

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