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English-Hindi > pression

pression meaning in Hindi

pression sentence in Hindi
1.Right now, Ex'pression is a work in progress.

2.An international focus comes naturally to Ex'pression's founders.

3.Ex'pression and Digipen also function as expensive outlets for childhood fantasies.

4.Both Digipen and Ex'pression subscribe to the total immersion theory of education.

5.Only 25 percent of Ex'pression's students come straight from high school.

6.Pausch said, referring to the animation software used by students at Ex'pression.

7.Ex'pression's founders openly acknowledge that their approach isn't for everyone.

8.In 2012, Ex'pression College opened a branch campus in San Jose, California.

9.Wintzen exclaims, bidding Ex'pression goodbye for this visit and flying back to the castle.

10.DiFranco performed a live webcast from Ex'pression College for Digital Arts on June 24, 2010.

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