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primaeval sentence in Hindi

"primaeval" meaning in Hindiprimaeval in a sentence
  • The romantic, primaeval forest's loneliness and longing for closeness ."
  • Or alternatively, according to some opinions, ancient Turkic runes descend from primaeval Turkic graphic logograms.
  • According to this myth, they were born from a lily flower that arose from the primaeval ocean.
  • Between 1888 and 1917, the Russian tsars owned all of primaeval forest, which became the royal hunting reserve.
  • Then earth will be restored to her primaeval majesty ( " The Last Death ", 1827 ).
  • In 1766 Oliver Goldsmith described it being played in " The Vicar of Wakefield ", calling it a " primaeval pastime ".
  • The sun-god Ra came from the primaeval mound of creation only after he set his daughter Maat in place of Isfet ( chaos ).
  • The personal name'Bayan'entered primaeval eastern Slavic folklore as a legendary poet-singer Bayan, and gave a name to a'Bayan'brand name of Russian harmonica.
  • The portrayal of giants as a dying breed is consistent with much of European folklore, where they are frequently described as primaeval creatures who built ruins and created strange landforms long before humans arrived.
  • One of her most famous ballads is " Belovezhskaya Pushcha ", composed in 1975, which celebrates Bialowieza Primaeval Forest, a last remnant of the European wildwood split now between Poland and Belarus.
  • I send to you by Hullett some leaves and fruit of a mountain lemon or citron found growing in primaeval jungle at a height of 2200 feet about 2 miles from the Burkit Tangga Pass to Jelebu.
  • In proximity of 70 kilometers there is a precious complex of BiaBowie | a Primaeval Forest, known as Belaveskaya Pushcha ( 5; 025A : 0O ? CHG0 ) in Belarus and Puszcza BiaBowieska in Poland.
  • In January 2009, Kneebone spoke to the " Tate Etc . " magazine about William Blake's work " The Primaeval Giants Sunk in the Soil " ( 1824 1827 ), from Illustrations to Dante's " Divine Comedy ", 8th circle of Hell.
  • Borges may be punning on the sense of " primaeval " here with his repeated use of " Ursprache ", or on the story's own definition of " ur " in one of Tl�n's languages as " a thing produced by suggestion, an object elicited by hope ".
  • All organisations that doubted or denied the existence of God were outlawed . this posed a problem for Indonesian Buddhism, which was solved by Jinarakkhita by presenting nibbana as the Theravada " God ", and Adi-Buddha, the primaeval Buddha of the region's previous Mantrayana Buddhism, as the Mahayana " God ".
  • As I was getting down to work on the piece, I remember feeling ( and it was the feeling as such that brought me to my work, given that work is the consequence of inspiration, not the other way around ) . . . therefore, I remember feeling that I could express " the marvellous " through music alone, by my own colours, my own tonal order . . . . the " marvellous " being essentially warm and emotive, but in a modern way, a warm-and-emotive lyrical feeling experienced by every genuine scientist or physicist ( not meta-physicist ) in the face of the inexorable " accuracy " . . . . and the primaeval power of the forces of Nature.
  • From contemporary reviews, the " Monthly Film Bulletin " stated that despite the science fiction film genre being new it had developed several sub-divisions including " the other-wordly, the primaeval-monstrous, the neo-monstrous, the planet-ary-visitant, etc . " and that " " Them ! " is a " well-built example of the neo-monstrous " " less absurdly sensational than most " Discussing the ant monsters in the film, the review referred to them as " reasonably horrible-they do not entirely avoid the impression of mock-up that is almost inevitable when over-lifesize creatures have to be constructed and moved " while noting that they were " considerably more conceivable than those prehistoric remnants that have recently been emerging from bog and iceberg . " The reviewer in " Variety " opined it was a " top-notch science fiction shocker.

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