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English-Hindi > prisms

prisms meaning in Hindi

prisms sentence in Hindi
1.Q Why are your makeup " prisms " monochromatic?

2.Powder, like our Ivory Powder Prism for a finished look.

3.The flow of air is also seen through a different prism.

4.Cablevision distributes the games through its Sportschannel Philadelphia and Prism networks.

5.He says he is watching the changes through a business prism.

6.You have to have a prism to penetrate the stock market.

7.Events can become magnified or minimized through the prism of time.

8.Look up, on a sunny day, into spinning prisms.

9.The prism of history may distort judgments concerning morale and leadership.

10.Six hours downstream, the sun rose through a muggy prism.

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