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English-Hindi > procedural rules

procedural rules meaning in Hindi

procedural rules sentence in Hindi

• क्रियाविधि नियमावली
• प्रकि्रया संबंधी नियम
procedural    कार्यविधि संबंधी
1.There are several procedural rules that make the task harder still.

2.By CJLS procedural rules a takkanah requires 13 votes to pass.

3.The committee based its rejection on a procedural rule for filing amendments.

4.It was a procedural ruling on a very narrow issue,

5.Beyond the procedural ruling, Rebagliati's explanation appears medically plausible.

6.He or she also has broad discretion in following Senate procedural rules.

7.The right does not pre-empt reasonable procedural rules.

8.Fourth, the Clause requires certain additional procedural rules in capital cases.

9.It's a simple procedural rule ."

10.Please treat this letter in compliance with all applicable substantive and procedural rules.

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