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English-Hindi > procedurals

procedurals meaning in Hindi

procedurals sentence in Hindi
• कार्यविधि संबंधी
• प्रक्रियात्मक
1.Thus dreaming seems important for consolidating procedural memories, Karni said.

2.The procedural history of Felix, however, belies this contention.

3.Much of the court day was taken up by procedural matters.

4."It's a routine procedural matter ."

5.These are extraordinary procedural moves _ ordinarily saved for national emergencies.

6.But recurring squabbles over procedural issues occupied most of the day.

7.You had design flaws . . . procedural and training weaknesses.

8.This was just a procedural matter one has to go through.

9.That version was defeated on a procedural vote on June 25.

10.The procedural issue is novel and important in its own right.

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