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English-Hindi > procedure division

procedure division meaning in Hindi

procedure division sentence in Hindi

• प्रक्रिया विभाग
procedure    कार्यपद्धति
division    विभाग विभाजन
1.It shares the COBOL program structure of data and procedure divisions.

2.For the above sales report example, the procedure division might look like this:

3.A COBOL program is split into four divisions : the identification division, the environment division, the data division and the procedure division.

4.Exceptions are raised by a statement and caught with a handler, or " ", defined in the portion of the procedure division.

5.As Director, he oversaw the activities of the astronaut office ( managed by Chief of the Astronaut Office Alan Shepard, also grounded due to M�ni�re's disease ), the aircraft operations office, the flight crew integration division, the crew training and simulation division, and the crew procedures division.

6.From January 1943 he was back in the Reich Ministry of Justice ( Division VI : " Civil Law and Justice " ), where he was appointed in May 1943 chief of the civil law and procedure division ( " Reichministerialdirektor " ), and remained there throughout the Second World War.

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