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English-Hindi > properness

properness meaning in Hindi

properness sentence in Hindi
1.They had that quaint properness in that era, just before the 1920s.

2.He has a bit of properness to him.

3.Charles was appalled . . . . He has a bit of properness to him.

4.Because he was trained in England, he had a streak of properness about him,

5.What's your own view about the properness of human embryonic stem cell research?

6.He was consulted about the properness of an attack on the U . N . Building,

7.A toy is something that is made as a play object, typically without concern for accuracy or properness of scale,

8.The valuative criterion of properness expresses the intuition that in a proper variety, there are no points " missing ".

9.With regards to the " properness " of casting an ambiguous comment, there it no real policy against it.

10.:: : When the case has already been discussed at an administrator noticeboard I don't think the properness should be discussed further here.

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