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English-Hindi > proprietorially

proprietorially meaning in Hindi

proprietorially sentence in Hindi
1.Harold Vanderbilt, Bud Mosbacher and Charles Adams among others stared down proprietorially on the trophy which was the physical embodiment of their achievements _ and of the longest winning streak in sports.

2.The mills were owned proprietorially until they incorporated as the limited company " A / S Fjeldhammer Brug " in 1893, and the company has today become part of Icopal.

3.This month, in another referendum, the Swiss declared that Romansh _ which, as Mussolini proprietorially implied, is indeed a direct descendant of Latin _ should go another pip up the national scale.

4.It's the white entrepreneur who provides the film's most offensive moment when he asks one of his employees to pose facing away from the camera on her knees, then pats her rump proprietorially as she complies.

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