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English-Hindi > protectively

protectively meaning in Hindi

protectively sentence in Hindi
• रक्षात्मक ढंग से
1.In the dining room, another group hovers protectively around Berry.

2.If a certain part fails, other links protectively shut down.

3.If we spoke to them, it was politely and protectively.

4.Another 30, 000 people have been put on antibiotics protectively.

5.When Vadim was killed, the families rallied around Irina protectively.

6.The two employees who opened it were protectively treated with antibiotics.

7.Underside as in " Kallima inachus " protectively coloured.

8.The rattlebox isn't the only insect that mates so protectively.

9.Doumanian says, crossing her arms protectively over her body.

10.We took these measures protectively because of the case our neighbors had,

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