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English-Hindi > protectorates

protectorates meaning in Hindi

protectorates sentence in Hindi
1.In Kashmir, we see a protectorate-in-waiting.

2.And the sooner UN administrators terminate their protectorate, the better.

3.Albania may find itself contentedly ensconced as an undeclared NATO protectorate.

4.1883-France obtains protectorate over Annam and Tonkin in Indochina.

5.Cambodia was a French protectorate until 1953 when it became independent.

6.The eruption rendered half of the British protectorate unfit for habitation.

7.This is not a protectorate, it is not a colony.

8.He was born in Savannakhet, the French Protectorate of Laos.

9.Spain had held them well before the establishment of its protectorate.

10.Under Kabaka Mwanga II, Buganda became a protectorate in 1894.

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