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English-Hindi > protuberance

protuberance meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ prə'tju:bərəns ]  sound:  
protuberance sentence in Hindi
• फुलाव
• शोथ
• सूजन
• अभिमानी
• अहंकारी
• उभार
• घमण्डी

• प्रोद्वर्ध
• प्रोद्‍वर्ध
something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from its surroundings; "the gun in his pocket made an obvious bulge"; "the hump of a camel"; "he stood on the rocky prominence"; "the occipital protuberance was well developed"; "the bony excrescence between its horns"
Synonyms: bulge, bump, hump, swelling, gibbosity, gibbousness, jut, prominence, protrusion, extrusion, excrescence,

the condition of being protuberant; the condition of bulging out; "the protuberance of his belly"

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