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English-Hindi > pudginess

pudginess meaning in Hindi

pudginess sentence in Hindi
1.Gone is the middle-class pudginess and pasty white skin.

2.2 ) Stop being fat; simplicity and pudginess are mutually exclusive.

3.She had short brown hair and concealed her pudginess beneath her baggy grunge clothes.

4.He said he hopes to write, quit smoking, maybe learn Spanish, and definitely lose his pudginess.

5.He was irresistably, incorrigibly boyish . . . handsome, with a hint of pudginess, and mischievously funny.

6.However, Kim, who has been reported at various times to be ill, looked to be regaining his former pudginess.

7.In the evening, you need a jacket-- a fashion necessity anyway to a man of a certain age beset with the humbling combination of vanity and pudginess.

8.The illness has shortened their breath, but in return it has given them an almost ethereal beauty, chiseled away pudginess and baby fat, modeled their faces handsomely.

9.Parents are not necessarily wrong to assume that a child, especially a prepubescent one, will outgrow today's pudginess when pounds redistribute over a newly taller frame.

10.America's battle to fight pudginess _ inspired of late by the low-carb ethics of the Atkins, Zone and South Beach diets _ has trashed pasta.

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