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English-Hindi > quadrophonic

quadrophonic meaning in Hindi

quadrophonic sentence in Hindi
1.Artwork for a quadrophonic version was produced, but was never released.

2.It is unknown how many copies were issued in QS-quadrophonic.

3."Quadrophonic sound really didn't work back in the'70s.

4.The entire soundtrack also was released in quadrophonic.

5.This was an experimental quadrophonic broadcast trialling the BBC's Matrix H system.

6.He added a quadrophonic sound system for his performance, to create full surround-sound.

7.He was an enthusiast for quadrophonic sound and had a system set up in his home.

8.The quadrophonic system was not successful in its early days because of flaws in playback equipment.

9.2011 saw the introduction of 3D stereoscopic projection and quadrophonic sound into the band's performances.

10.This tape was soon lost, meaning that this piano is missing from the 1975 Quadrophonic mix.

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