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English-Hindi > quadruplicate

quadruplicate meaning in Hindi

quadruplicate sentence in Hindi
1.Seemingly simple tasks can require notarized copies of obscure documents in quadruplicate.

2.They appear as a red version of tiles from each suit and are not quadruplicated.

3.The section of track between Illawarra Junction and Hurstville was quadruplicated between 1913 and 1925.

4.A second Rail Clearways project involved quadruplicating the section of track between Kingsgrove and Revesby.

5.The line through Newtown was quadruplicated in 1892, and a new station was built at the present location.

6.The current configuration of the station dates from November 1976 when the line between South Kensington and Footscray was quadruplicated.

7.The Main Suburban line through Macdonaldtown was quadruplicated in 1892, and sextuplicated in 1927 in association with electrification works.

8.Another type of modern deck keeps the traditional images but drops the highest suit ( tens of myriads ) and quadruplicate the rest.

9.Since the proposed railway line was always in competition with proposals to quadruplicate the Fils Valley line, it was postponed and ultimately never built.

10.Sets of duplicated, triplicated and quadruplicated genes, with the related genes on different chromosomes, are deduced to be remnants from genome or chromosomal duplications.

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having four units or components; "quadruple rhythm has four beats per measure"; "quadruplex wire"
Synonyms: quadruple, quadruplex, fourfold, four-fold,

reproduce fourfold; "quadruplicate the bill"

any four copies; any of four things that correspond to one another exactly; "it was signed in quadruplicate"

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