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English-Hindi > qualifies

qualifies meaning in Hindi

qualifies sentence in Hindi
1.The institution that funds this school, the Irshad Trust, is a “registered charity” at the Charity Commission (see the trust's page at the commission website ), a privilege that qualifies it for various tax concessions; in other words, the British taxpayer is effectively subsidizing the school. In particular, the school benefits from a program called “ Gift Aid ,” under which the government refunds the income tax paid by the donor. Gifts made to registered charities can claim and receive a 28 percent tax refund. A gift of £100 to the Irshad Trust, for example, earns it £128.
किसी भी बड़े पात्र में रखा हुआ कोई पानी जिसे किसी भी पशु ने क्यों न पी लिया हो, पवित्र माना जायेगा सिवाय इसके कि उसे कुत्ता, सूअर और काफिर ने न पिया हो.

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