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English-Hindi > qualitative trait

qualitative trait meaning in Hindi

qualitative trait sentence in Hindi

• गुणात्मक विशेषक
qualitative    गुण वाचक गुण
trait    विशेषता लक्षण
1.He went on to cross pea varieties that differed in six other qualitative traits.

2.Gene maps or Qualitative Trait Loci ( QTL ) maps can be produced using two separate methods.

3.Qualitative traits ( requires less that 2 genes ) such as color, can be identified using MAS ( marker assisted selection ).

4.This specification involves the same number of right-side variables as does the previous specification with an interaction term, and the regression results for the predicted value of the dependent variable contingent on X i, for any combination of qualitative traits, are identical between this specification and the interaction specification.

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