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English-Hindi > qualitative variable

qualitative variable meaning in Hindi

qualitative variable sentence in Hindi

• गुणात्मक चर
qualitative    गुण वाचक गुण
variable    परिवर्तनशील वस्तु
1.This model is an ANOVA model with one qualitative variable having 3 categories.

2.This example illustrates how the FAMD simultaneously analyses of quantitative and qualitative variables.

3.For example, suppose Gender is one of the qualitative variables relevant to a regression.

4.No qualitative variables in the example.

5.It plays an important theoretical role because it opens the way to the simultaneous treatment of quantitative and qualitative variables.

6.The term " mixed " refers to the simultaneous presence, as active elements, of quantitative and qualitative variables.

7.The data include K quantitative variables { k = 1, K } and Q qualitative variables { q = 1, Q }.

8.The representation of the categories of qualitative variables is as in MCA : a category is at the centroid of the individuals who possess it.

9.A regression model that contains a mixture of both quantitative and qualitative variables is called an " Analysis of Covariance " ( ANCOVA ) model.

10.This specification does not allow for the possibility that there may be an interaction that occurs between the two qualitative variables, D 2 and D 3.

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