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English-Hindi > queasiness

queasiness meaning in Hindi

queasiness sentence in Hindi
1."There's a lot of queasiness,"

2.Unexpected strength in housing will bring a little queasiness to bonds.

3.There is also considerable queasiness inside Blair's own party.

4.There was no sensation, but a slight queasiness passed over me.

5.Adding to such queasiness, credit card delinquencies are on the rise.

6.Whether that queasiness translates into votes is an unanswered question.

7.My queasiness isn't just related to Furrow's madness.

8.But after Tuesday, there's queasiness aplenty among Bush loyalists.

9.The Austrian president, Thomas Klestil, has publicly expressed his queasiness.

10.The camera angles kept any viewer queasiness to a minimum.

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inability to rest or relax or be still
Synonyms: restlessness, uneasiness,

a mild state of nausea
Synonyms: squeamishness, qualm,

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