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quickstep sentence in Hindi

"quickstep" meaning in Hindiquickstep in a sentence
  • Unaccompanied ladies could dance the samba and quickstep with gentlemen hosts.
  • But we feel at ease with the quickstep which is next.
  • His professional partner was Kristina Rihanoff and they danced the Quickstep.
  • The dances they performed on the night were Quickstep and Showdance.
  • They won the A Grade aggregate for the quickstep and selection.
  • Doing the quickstep or the silver samba was out of the question.
  • Body contact is often employed in tango, Viennese waltz and quickstep.
  • The dances performed included the waltz, quickstep, jive.
  • They did not get their chance to show their Quickstep.
  • Magdalena Walach scored 35 points for her Quickstep and won the episode.
  • He got 39 out of 40 points for his Quickstep.
  • PrzemysBaw Sadowski received his second perfect score for the Quickstep.
  • Patricia Kazadi received her 4th perfect score for the Quickstep.
  • Joanna Moro received her third perfect score for the Quickstep.
  • Tatiana Okupnik received her second perfect score for the Quickstep.
  • The New York quickstep is geared to its traffic.
  • She survived the tango but went down at the end of the quickstep.
  • The Wilmington Quicksteps quickly began to dominate the league.
  • Until recently, First Quickstep, was also part of the First group.
  • It was also the lowest score ever for Quickstep.
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