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English-Hindi > quidnunc

quidnunc meaning in Hindi

quidnunc sentence in Hindi
1.Quidnunc takes its employees _ now 150 _ on a vacation each year.

2.Quindt, the office quidnunc, nervously hovered near the door of the men's room.

3.Harold Steel was the third of four brothers who played for Lancashire : Liverpool Cricket Club, Quidnuncs and others.

4.If I persue a career in computer science must I give up my diva dream ? _ Dithering, Quidnunc, MA

5.Holt said, noting that Quidnunc's turnover rate is 7 percent, compared with an industry average of 20 percent.

6.Kemp has also played for the Duke of Norfolk's XI, Quidnuncs, MCC and Bury St . Edmunds CC in the East Anglian Premier Cricket League.

7.Providing a strong salary and benefits package is only part of the equation, said Laurence Holt, chief executive of Quidnunc, a consulting firm in New York that helps businesses develop E-business strategies.

8.The club no longer plays fixtures considered first class, but does maintain annual fixtures against MCC, Hurlingham Cricket Club, and Cambridge's counterpart club, the Quidnuncs Cricket Club, as well as the Oxford University CC.

9.At his retirement party, a group of colleagues at Caltech, called the " Quidnuncs, " played and sang a ditty titled " Richter Scale, " which gave examples of earthquakes in American history, told in ballad style.

10.Ongoing attempts were made in print as well, starting from the earliest days with a mimeographed newsletter, " Musings ", from 1975-79 with " Quidnunc ", and later in expanded course catalogs and the quarterly " Art Lines ".

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a person who meddles in the affairs of others
Synonyms: busybody, nosy-parker, nosey-parker,

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