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quids in meaning in Hindi

quids in sentence in Hindi
फ़ायदे में
in    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
1.In human populations, they reported observing elevated frequencies of micronucleated cells in buccal mucosa of people who chew betel quid in the Philippines and India.

2.In 1940, he arrived in Rio de Janeiro, " with four changes of clothing and five quid in the pocket ", to work as a sports commentator for Radio Ipanema.

3.By 1968, this one-time opening act for the Rolling Stones had become an international performer, signing with Don Costa Productions and began performing at the El Quid in Mexico City.

4.In particular the specification of the quids in 470-493 is remarkable : they are said to be prepared by forming, folding and rolling them on the thighs and the breast of the lady who prepared them, and by binding them with fringe threads of her frock, so  as to bind a young man, to excite a bachelor s desire ( 470-478 ).

5.Consider that a 5 " apochromatic refractor can cost as much as a 16 " Schmidt Cassegrain ( $ 16, 000 last time I checked ) and a 125mm ( 5 " ) f / 10 schmidt-cassegrain reflector can be had for a hundred quid in the U . S . ( your VAT and shipping cost may vary ) .-- Tbeatty 00 : 20, 4 December 2006 ( UTC)

6.A common slang term for the pound sterling or pound is " quid ", which is singular and plural, except in the common phrase " Quids in ! " The term may have come via Italian immigrants from " scudo ", the name for a number of coins used in Italy until the 19th century; or from Latin'quid'via the common phrase " quid pro quo, " literally, " what for what, " or, figuratively, " An equal exchange or substitution ".

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