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English-Hindi > quoit

quoit meaning in Hindi

quoit sentence in Hindi
1.The USQA unified a specific standard for the 4 Lb quoit.

2.Ch�n Quoit is located in open moorland near Pendeen and Morvah.

3.On 19 October 1815, Lanyon Quoit fell down in a storm.

4.Quoits measure about 5?inches in diameter and weigh around 5?pounds.

5.There is also a local cricket pitch and Quoits pitch.

6.Players take turns throwing a quoit at the pin.

7.It is the northernmost quoit in the Penwith peninsula and a Scheduled Monument.

8.Her hair was arranged in a series of golden quoits, one above another.

9.The Quoit Brooch Style has been regarded as Jutish, from the 5th century.

10.Sea King helicopters landing on her quoits court.

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game equipment consisting of a ring of iron or circle of rope used in playing the game of quoits

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