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English-Hindi > rabbet

rabbet meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: rabbeted   verb past participle: rabbeted   verb present participle: rabbeting   
rabbet sentence in Hindi
1.The rabbet is to hold the picture in place in the frame.

2.Half-rabbets aren't going to cover all the plies.

3.Chief among these, to my taste, is the rabbet plane.

4.The rabbet allows the boards to overlap in this area.

5.Rabbet and router planes are used to cut channels or grooves in boards.

6.Picture-frame molding has a stepped groove, or rabbet, cut into it.

7.The rabbets at the top and bottom of the Rembrandt frame are more like slats.

8.Wait a minute _ you say you don't know what a rabbet is?

9.Panel-raising planes and rabbet planes.

10.The lip extends usually about a quarter of an inch past the edge of the rabbet.

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a rectangular groove made to hold two pieces together
Synonyms: rebate,

cut a rectangular groove into

join with a rabbet joint

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