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raccoon sentence in Hindi

"raccoon" meaning in Hindiraccoon in a sentence
  • Raccoons, for example, are notoriously adept at raiding garbage.
  • It accented your eyelashes without leaving raccoon rings under your eyes.
  • But there is apparently no danger of raccoons completely dying out.
  • Squirrels and raccoons and bats need a place to give birth,
  • And raccoons aren't the only predators, he said.
  • You want a poster boy for raccoon eyes and calf cramps?
  • Bats, raccoons, skunks, what's the difference?
  • We had a case where a raccoon attacked a cruiser tire,
  • Or occasionally, I suppose, a scavenging opossum or raccoon.
  • Cats, dogs, raccoons _ it doesn't matter.
  • Little marble eyes aglow; it's that damned raccoon!
  • This can mean only one thing _ our raccoon is back.
  • I'm having a raccoon doo doo emergency ."
  • Two vultures board an airplane, each carrying two dead raccoons.
  • _Respondent advises there is a raccoon in her back yard.
  • Raccoons also eat other insects, crawfish, fish and eggs.
  • In the Dana community, a raccoon attacked an unvaccinated cat.
  • Most fall prey to raccoons, crabs, fish and birds.
  • A stuffed bear, a moose, a raccoon starting kindergarten.
  • We have raccoons out here, "'he said.
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