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English-Hindi > racemic form

racemic form meaning in Hindi

racemic form sentence in Hindi

रेसिमिक रूप
racemic    रेसिमिक
form    किसी रूप में ढाल
1.It is the racemic form of the sympathomimetic drug metaraminol.

2.The racemic form of the drug was invented by Aspro Nicholas in the early 1979s.

3.The symmetrical, meso form of DTHFP was found to be significantly more effective in increasing the vinyl content of rubber than the racemic form.

4.Since the meso and racemic forms of DTHFP are diastereomeric, they have different physical properties and, in principle, can be separated by physical methods.

5.Aminotransferase enzymes can be used to synthesize chiral amines in non-racemic form either through kinetic resolution of a racemate or reductive amination of a prochiral ketone.

6.;1849 : Louis Pasteur discovers that the racemic form of tartaric acid is a mixture of the levorotatory and dextrotatory forms, thus clarifying the nature of optical rotation and advancing the field of stereochemistry.

7.The study, cited above, showing a modest increase in cancer risk with Vitamin E supplementation, reported that more than 90 % of its respondents used a racemic form of Vitamin E ( d, l-alpha-tocopherol ).

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