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English-Hindi > racehorses

racehorses meaning in Hindi

racehorses sentence in Hindi
1.Racehorses are rarely as good as they look when they win.

2.If I kept 100 racehorses would anyone think I was crazy?

3.Not that I'm comparing children to racehorses ."

4.Like racehorses, camels with breeding pedigrees may be very valuable.

5.Both of these trains were named after prize-winning racehorses.

6.The ApHC also records world and track records for Appaloosa racehorses.

7.Zia Wernher was a successful owner and breeder of Thoroughbred racehorses.

8.HELEN : I hear the fella owns a couple of racehorses.

9.He owned a computer company and a string of unsuccessful racehorses.

10.He retired from the racetrack to become a sire of racehorses.

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