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English-Hindi > racial unity

racial unity meaning in Hindi

racial unity sentence in Hindi

प्रजातीय एकता
racial    प्रजातीय विद्वेष
unity    एक एकता एकरूपता
1.He planned a town meeting Tuesday night to discuss racial unity.

2.Democrats have made racial unity one of the convention themes.

3.He proposes to build " racial unity,"

4.Like Hilton, he was impressed with the message of racial unity.

5.The ultimate objective is creating racial unity and family bonds.

6.Her articles often focus on racial unity, feminism and religious tolerance.

7.Fewer people know about the group's campaign to promote racial unity.

8.Bradley makes " racial unity " a centerpiece of his campaign.

9.It emphasizes racial unity, even to the point of encouraging interracial marriage.

10.Mike Park is a strong advocate of racial unity.

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