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English-Hindi > racialisms

racialisms meaning in Hindi

racialisms sentence in Hindi
1.A cultural superiority of Italians, rather than a view of racialism.

2.It was believed in Ariosophy that the racialism.

3.Most dictionaries define the term " racialism " as synonymous with racism.

4.According to Oxford Dictionaries Online, racialism is " another term for racism ".

5.It is not science but advocacy, and advocacy of'racialism'".

6.There is no room or excuse to be made for reductive racialism or racism.

7.Non-racialism is the mainstream ideology of Nelson Mandela's African National Congress.

8.ANC spokesman Dumisani Makhaye called it a step towards non-racialism in South Africa.

9.He strongly believed in non-racialism.

10.Burnley town council, by their racialism-in-reverse policies, are fully responsible.

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