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ramage sentence in Hindi

"ramage" meaning in Hindiramage in a sentence
  • The town is proud of Ramage, if less than intimate.
  • Ramage was all of four years old when he moved away.
  • Ramage says this kind of continuity may be passing from archaeology.
  • Ramage, 52, said the house has served her well.
  • Park defeated Diana Ramage 6 and 4 at Philadelphia Country Club.
  • Baxter nurtured the stage careers of Alyson McInnes and John Ramage.
  • Ramage began his career with Barnsley on loan in September 2013.
  • Ramage used ivory and gold to create his elliptical shaped miniatures.
  • However, it is unclear whether Ramage ever obtained a degree.
  • Bruce Ramage, 76, a hospice volunteer, disagreed.
  • Ramage played with several NHL teams from 1979-94.
  • With the Blues, Ramage developed into a steady and skilled defenseman.
  • In May 2015, Ramage was released by Crystal Palace.
  • In January 2008 Rob Ramage was sentenced to 4 years in prison.
  • In 1938, Ramage returned to the Naval Academy for postgraduate education.
  • Of the 14 torpedoes Ramage fired, five were duds.
  • Ramage first played for Yorkshire, in the Nottinghamshire in July 1983.
  • Ramage was promoted to rear admiral on 1 July 1967.
  • Ramage successfully completes his rendezvous with HMS Prince of Wales at Barbados.
  • Forty sailors were lowered into five boats and Ramage led the advance.
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