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English-Hindi > rationing

rationing meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'ræʃəniŋ ]  sound:  
rationing sentence in Hindi
1.People say, Oh, that's rationing health care.

2.As rationing threatens to become routine, patience is wearing thin.

3.Wineries are rationing their production and scrambling to find good grapes.

4.Officials in Matamoros, Mexico, are discussing mandatory water rationing.

5.Rationing of gas cooking and heating stoves will end July 31.

6.The reduction in supply led to power rationing in several cities.

7."Everybody's rationing, " he said.

8.The Clinton health care plan would have meant rationing health care.

9.Despite diligent rationing, gone, gone and long-gone.

10.Insured patients must also deal with the rationing of medical services.

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the act of rationing; "during the war the government imposed rationing of food and gasoline"

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