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rations sentence in Hindi

"rations" meaning in Hindirations in a sentence
  • But the official ration provides only 70 percent of needed calories.
  • But at colder temperatures the ration drops to 6 to 1.
  • We otherwise lived on cold C-and K-rations.
  • Most of the animals drank all of their intended salt ration.
  • The last ration of food they received was 11 days ago.
  • Beyond that, he added, the government could ration gasoline.
  • But many alpha-1 patients are being dispensed restricted rations.
  • The Knicks know the Heat defense hands out points like rations.
  • People bitched about the Army canned rations, but you ate.
  • We tried switching them all to a low-calorie ration.
  • The hair clogged the makeshift pump and spoiled the meager rations.
  • In California, they are starting to ration the branch system.
  • But if water runs low, resist the temptation to ration.
  • A rare ration of milk is the main remaining official perk.
  • How, for instance, do you ration a lifesaving drug?
  • Not exactly canned spaghetti and a ration of rum, eh?
  • Along with energy rations, radios are essential in the cove.
  • In the first night, planes dropped 37, 500 rations.
  • Their choice will be to ration care, or raise taxes.
  • In August, the government doubled food rations, Iraqis say.
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