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English-Hindi > readout

readout meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'ri:daut ]  sound:  
readout sentence in Hindi
1.They are black and imposing with back-lit digital readouts.

2.The screen readout shows the changing altitude and the hiking speed.

3.Viewers will need GPS readouts to find their shows this year.

4.We want a fuller readout on the talks in Kuala Lumpur,

5.The bottom screen is used as a map and weapons readout.

6.Fluorescence tags are used to give visual readout on a protein.

7.This allows for continuous readout and up to eight energy thresholds.

8."Improve your flexibility, " the readout told me.

9.A red digital readout tells you how much money you put in.

10.It has " a 7 ( seven ) place LED readout.

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an electronic device the displays information is a visual form
Synonyms: read-out,

the information displayed or recorded on an electronic device
Synonyms: read-out,

the output of a computer in readable form
Synonyms: read-out,

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