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English-Hindi > reagent

reagent meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ ri(:)'eidʒənt ]  sound:  
reagent sentence in Hindi
• अभिकर्मक
• प्रतिकर्मक

• अभिकारक
• बेयर-अभिकर्मक
1.Affymetrix offers scanners, reagents and software as well as slides.

2.Alcohols have applications in industry and science as reagents or solvents.

3.It is also the principal reagent in the Dakin oxidation process.

4.If Grignard reagent is used, it gives the product successfully.

5.Methyl triflate, for example, is a strong methylating reagent.

6.Dan retrieves the satchel containing West's reagent and notes.

7.In despair, he injects her with West's reagent.

8.All reagents must be anhydrous for the analysis to be quantitative.

9.The reagent consists of a solution of silver nitrate and ammonia.

10.This suggests a shortcut which works for any number of reagents.

a chemical agent for use in chemical reactions

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