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English-Hindi > realistic

realistic meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ riə'listik ]  sound:  
realistic sentence in Hindi
1.So the things that make a photograph look realistic,
तो वो चीज़ जो फोटोग्राफ को वास्तविक बनाती है,

2.Premchand wrote on the realistic issues of the day.
उन्होंने जीवन और कालखंड की सच्चाई को पन्ने पर उतारा।

3.Premchand started realistic story in Hindi.
प्रेमचंद ने हिंदी में यथार्थवाद की शुरूआत की।

4.The expectations from this child have to be realistic for the age ability .
बच्चे से उसकी आयु के अनुरूप ही आशा रखनी चाहिए .

5.The depiction is quite powerful and realistic .
चित्रण काफी प्रभावशाली और यथार्यपरक हैं .

6.Any improvement may be gradual, with, perhaps, some slip ups on the way. So you will need to be realistic.
इसलिए आपको यथार्थवादी होना पड़ेगा।

7.He penned down the truth about realistic issues of the present times.
उन्होंने जीवन और कालखंड की सच्चाई को पन्ने पर उतारा।

8.So you will need to be realistic .
इसलिए आपको यथार्थवादी होना पड़ेगा ।

9.Photo realistic visual thinkers, like me.
मेरी तरह यथार्थवादी दृश्य विचारक

10.To achieve a realistic result.
वास्तविक परिणाम प्राप्त करने के लिए |

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aware or expressing awareness of things as they really are; "a realistic description"; "a realistic view of the possibilities"; "a realistic appraisal of our chances"; "the actors tried to create a realistic portrayal of the Africans"

of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of realism; "a realistic system of thought"

representing what is real; not abstract or ideal; "realistic portraiture"; "a realistic novel"; "in naturalistic colors"; "the school of naturalistic writers"
Synonyms: naturalistic,

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