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English-Hindi > reamer

reamer meaning in Hindi

reamer sentence in Hindi
1.Reamer's style : Buy them and leave them alone.

2.Reamer, not surprisingly, isn't buying such notions.

3.UAM will make more acquisitions in future months, Reamer said.

4.Reamer said during a presentation at the Boston Security Analysts Society.

5.The Mid-American Reamer Collectors, publishers of Juicy Journal.

6.Such gauges are usually specially ordered from chamber-reamer manufacturers.

7.Automatic or manual reamers can be used to correct this problem.

8.On 19 June 1926 John M . Shaw married Lillian Reamer.

9.Reamer remembers hardly feeling like Babe Ruth when he was getting started.

10.UAM chairman and chief executive Norton H . Reamer said.

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a drill that is used to shape or enlarge holes

a squeezer with a conical ridged center that is used for squeezing juice from citrus fruit
Synonyms: juicer, juice reamer,

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