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English-Hindi > recuperate

recuperate meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ ri'kju:pəreit ]  sound:  
recuperate sentence in Hindi
1.A fortnight later he was in Calcutta for a medical check-up , and on 19 September went up to Kalimpong to recuperate in the glorious autumn of the eastern Himalayas .
19 सितंबर को वे दोबारा कलिम्पोंग चले गए , पूर्वी हिमालय की पहाड़ियों पर हेमंत ऋतु के नैसर्गिक वातावण में स्वास्थ्य-लाभ करने .

get over an illness or shock; "The patient is recuperating"
Synonyms: recover, convalesce,

restore to good health or strength

regain a former condition after a financial loss; "We expect the stocks to recover to $2.90"; "The company managed to recuperate"
Synonyms: recover, go back,

regain or make up for; "recuperate one''s losses"
Synonyms: recover, recoup,

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