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English-Hindi > redcoat

redcoat meaning in Hindi

redcoat sentence in Hindi
1.But Martin wasn't engaging British redcoats of the 1770s.

2.It's not like the redcoats are coming to dinner.

3.The reenactments include the battles with the redcoats on Lexington Green.

4.No such adjustments were on hand when they faced the redcoats.

5.Redcoats provide entertainment, organise activities, and act as hosts.

6.Cunningham and the redcoats systematically burn the Clan's crofts.

7.On discovering that Breck has a money belt full of Redcoats.

8.New France, now Quebec, fell to British redcoats in 1759.

9.One shot from a musket and down goes the Redcoat.

10.Most of the redcoat re-enactors are from America.

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British soldier; so-called because of his red coat (especially during the American Revolution)
Synonyms: lobsterback,

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