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English-Hindi > reevaluation

reevaluation meaning in Hindi

reevaluation sentence in Hindi
1.Parcells said of his annual reevaluation of his desire to coach.

2.They called for a complete reevaluation of intelligence-gathering practices.

3.Some modern scholars advocate a reevaluation of ancient evidence about helots.

4.This forced a reevaluation of the defense requirements of Western Europe.

5.Customs officials maintained that the reevaluation complied with the customs code.

6.The employer is required to allow an improvement period before reevaluation.

7.The case from October 29, 1929 was terminated following reevaluation.

8.Now it seems to be America's turn for a reevaluation.

9.The reevaluation is necessary because of the restructuring, the company said.

10.They say it reflects a deeper reevaluation of the Japanese stock market.

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the evaluation of something a second time (or more)

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