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refugium sentence in Hindi

"refugium" meaning in Hindi
  • In recent years the Berlin Method is often supplemented with a refugium.
  • The Fremouw Formation preserves many tetrapod fossils that span the refugium for these animals.
  • A popular technique for aquarists, is to grow macroalgae in a sump or refugium.
  • Deus noster refugium et virtus ".
  • Some marine aquariums also include a refugium.
  • Mountains in the park, known as the Refugium Range, include refugium with unique plants.
  • Mountains in the park, known as the Refugium Range, include refugium with unique plants.
  • In home aquariums, the refugium is typically located in the cabinet underneath the main tank.
  • The term " Refugium peccatorum " is also used other works of Roman Catholic Marian art.
  • During the last glacial maximum the territory of Serbia was a part of a large Balkan Refugium.
  • There is also a potential refugium in the far north of Scandinavia on the island of And�ya.
  • It may also indicate that Coronation was a refugium that provided a food source for the bear.
  • Various types of macroalgae can be grown and harvested from the refugium as another means of nitrate export.
  • During her time as abbess she overstretched the abbey's finances by purchasing a refugium in Brussels.
  • A refugium provides many benefits, which include nitrate reduction, as well as providing a natural food source.
  • The refugium and sump are often housed in a single tank with a system of dividers to separate the compartments.
  • Rather its subsequent spread further west occurred later, in the post-glacial period from a postulated South Caucasian refugium.
  • "' Refugium "': An accessory tank dedicated to the cultivation of beneficial macroalgae and microflora / fauna.
  • The extinct pine species " Pinus matthewsii " has been described from Pliocene sediments in the Yukon areas of the refugium.
  • The earliest works in the genre were refugium of a lost civilization, or ( more rarely ) as a base for space aliens.
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