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English-Hindi > region

region meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'ri:dʒən ]  sound:  
noun plural: regions   
region sentence in Hindi
1.There are number of pond, lake and river is this region.
इस क्षेत्र में अनेक तालाब झीलें और नदियाँ हैं।

2.Many ponds and waterful rivers are there in this region.
इस क्षेत्र में अनेक तालाब झीलें और नदियाँ हैं।

3.Click and drag to stretch selected region.
चयनित क्षेत्र को विस्तृत करने के लिए क्लिक कर खींचें.

4.Only for name sake this region was known to be under Abbasi|
सिर्फ कहने को यह प्रदेश अब्बासियों के अधीन थे।

5.Alligators are found in southern region of river sindhu.
दक्षिण में सिन्धु नदी में मगरमच्छ पाए जाते हैं ।

6.Category:Autonomous regions of the People's Republic of China
श्रेणी:जनवादी गणराज्य चीन के स्वायत्त क्षेत्र

7.The continent or region in which the desired country is located.
महाद्वीप या क्षेत्र जिसमें आपका देश स्थित है।

8.The variation in weather is more in the northern region.
उत्तरी क्षेत्रों में मौसमी विविधता अधिक है।

9.Many tourists visit this region every year.
जिसकी वजहसे हरेक वर्ष इस स्थान मे बहुत पर्यटक जाते है ।

10.But when you look at some of these regions like this, you'll see
पर जब आप इस तरह की जगहों को देखेंगे, तो पाएँगे कि

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a part of an animal that has a special function or is supplied by a given artery or nerve; "in the abdominal region"
Synonyms: area,

a knowledge domain that you are interested in or are communicating about; "it was a limited realm of discourse"; "here we enter the region of opinion"; "the realm of the occult"
Synonyms: realm,

the extended spatial location of something; "the farming regions of France"; "religions in all parts of the world"; "regions of outer space"
Synonyms: part,

a large indefinite location on the surface of the Earth; "penguins inhabit the polar regions"

the approximate amount of something (usually used prepositionally as in `in the region of''); "it was going to take in the region of two or three months to finish the job"; "the price is in the neighborhood of $100"
Synonyms: neighborhood,

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