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English-Hindi > remise

remise meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: remised   verb past participle: remised   verb present participle: remising   
remise sentence in Hindi
• त्याग देना
• याद दिलाना
• स्मरण करना
• स्मरण कराना
1.An unusual feature of Uster railway station is the historic " lok remise " or turntable.

2.A hackney of a more expensive or high class was called a "'remise " '.

3.Obilal?has since got a diploma on special education, and works with youth rehabilitation for Lorient association Remise en Jeu.

4.In the remise of the " Kisker House " there are regular single and group exhibitions of visual arts with regional reference.

5.The bus companies Copsa and Cot connect the airport with Punta del Este, and are there are several private taxi and remise services available.

6.A military coup led by Quisling Remise-Markov the 99th created the Qualified Republic of the Mouse, with the nominal head of state the Missing Monarch.

7.La chose ayant �t?remise au jugement de la compagnie, l'abb?de Lavau l'emporta . ?( Cit?par l'Acad�mie fran�aise .)

8.Two years later he had a one-man show at La Remise du Parc in Paris, and the next year a solo show at the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art.

9.Posting is almost unheard of in foil, as it decreases one's ability to parry successfully, and thus increases an opponent's chance of a successful hit or remise.

10.Thus, a pair of foil fencers may, upon finding their thrust have not landed, remain in lunge position and repeatedly remise hoping to be the first one to score a touch.

(fencing) a second thrust made on the same lunge (as when your opponent fails to riposte)

a small building for housing coaches and carriages and other vehicles
Synonyms: coach house, carriage house,

an expensive or high-class hackney

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