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English-Hindi > replicator

replicator meaning in Hindi

replicator sentence in Hindi
1.We should think of the replicator as having extended phenotypic effects.

2.I ordered a PCI parallel port replicator from Verkkokauppa . com.

3.But critics noted that this was a single replicator acting in isolation.

4.A port replicator is also available for about $ 360.

5.The port replicator connects to the big docking connector on the back.

6.A port replicator is also included for easy desktop connections.

7.The population of Athos is sustained using uterine replicator technology.

8.Fifth returns in the season 8 episode " Replicator Disruptor.

9.Online software : The Replicator-Mutator Dynamics with Three Strategies

10.Upon opening the food replicator, out falls a Key of Perihelion.

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