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rescripts sentence in Hindi

"rescripts" meaning in Hindirescripts in a sentence
  • Rescripts of Gothic wars; its walls were dismantled by Totila.
  • At the same time, his rescript ( Denifle, " Chartul.
  • The rescript also contains several enactments relating to academic discipline.
  • Yasuoka is known to have edited the Imperial Surrender Rescript in some points.
  • The imperial rescript is preserved on an inscription.
  • "Let all who see this rescript immediately return allegiance to the throne.
  • Normally, the same rescript grants both laicization and dispensation from the obligation of celibacy.
  • He challenged the Imperial Rescript on Education and spoke against the Russo-Japanese war.
  • Papal rescripts concern the granting of favours or the administration of justice under canon law.
  • The Imperial Rescript to Soldiers and Sailors became compulsory reading for students during this period.
  • What it rules might cause the Republicans to have to rescript their New Jersey success story.
  • During his first term, the " Imperial Rescript on Education " was issued.
  • By an imperial rescript the monastery was forced to sell one quarter of its large possessions.
  • The rescript was translated into English by and was broadcast to overseas Allies at the same time.
  • His role was to read the imperial rescript of the shrines and present the emperor s offerings.
  • Of the death sentences, an Imperial Rescript commuted twelve to life imprisonment on the following day.
  • The " Rescript " was issued by Emperor Meiji of Japan on 4 January 1882.
  • A rescript from Propaganda ( 14 February 1796 ) confirmed Stonyhurst in all the privileges of Li�ge.
  • If David Doyle could rescript the past 15 years of his soccer career, things might be different.
  • The rescript was then pasted to the face of the memorial and submitted with it to the emperor.
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