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resonances sentence in Hindi

"resonances" meaning in Hindi  
  • In Brazil, No . 10 has a particularly powerful resonance.
  • There is simply no resonance for that kind of thing here.
  • Cell doors shut with a resonance that registers in our skulls.
  • Harper is scheduled to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging test today.
  • Who could have expected a loss to carry such enduring resonance?
  • Yet his observations on being a father carry a special resonance.
  • For President Bill Clinton, that statement holds a special resonance.
  • Nor has there been any magnetic resonance imaging of the leg.
  • The resonance can be blissfully sensuous, at times even playful.
  • But as the monologue continues, they acquire an increasing resonance.
  • At this point, some of the jokes have lost resonance:
  • But it has special historical resonance within African-American culture.
  • But the timing of his latest remarks gives them special resonance.
  • And wildly admired for their depth of character and emotional resonance.
  • You're looking at all the layers and resonance there.
  • He also ordered a magnetic resonance imaging test on the knee.
  • It has all the resonance of a shaky C-minus.
  • It is a theme that finds a resonance among many Cambodians.
  • Brymer underwent a magnetic resonance imaging test and results were negative.
  • The contemporary viewer will bring to them new associations and resonances.
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