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resonant circuit sentence in Hindi

"resonant circuit" meaning in Hindi  
  • The capacitor forms a parallel resonant circuit with the ignition coil.
  • On the receiver side smaller mica capacitors were used for resonant circuits.
  • Many are instruments of the resonant circuits and ratiometers.
  • Stubs may thus function as capacitors, inductors and resonant circuits at radio frequencies.
  • On the receiver side, the smaller mica capacitors were used for resonant circuits.
  • An example of a simple electrically resonant circuit is a moving-coil meter.
  • Such resonant circuits are also called RLC circuits after the circuit symbols for the components.
  • Resonant circuits exhibit ringing and can generate higher voltages and currents than are fed into them.
  • A high Q value is a mark of the quality of the resonance for resonant circuits.
  • A high Q value is for resonant circuits a mark of the quality of the resonance.
  • For a parallel resonant circuit the opposite applies; small inductances reduce the damping of external circuitry.
  • The English engineer William Duddell discovered how to make a resonant circuit using a carbon arc lamp.
  • Stubs are a kind of resonator, and the lumped element equivalent is an LC resonant circuit.
  • The sudden current through the spark gap causes the primary resonant circuit to ring at its resonant frequency.
  • A resonant circuit will respond strongly to a particular frequency, and much less so to differing frequencies.
  • In this case the lumped-element equivalent is series LC resonant circuits in series with the line.
  • The size and type of the material encapsulating the cavity can drastically impact the performance of the resonant circuit.
  • The classical varactor parametric oscillator consists of a semiconductor varactor diode connected to a resonant circuit or cavity resonator.
  • Unlike the inductive fields around the resonant circuit, this " radiated field " never comes back!
  • The parametron is essentially a resonant circuit with a nonlinear reactive element which oscillates at half the driving frequency.
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