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resonant frequency sentence in Hindi

"resonant frequency" meaning in Hindi  
  • The motion is sinusoidal in time and demonstrates a single resonant frequency.
  • For an object to mechanically resonate, there must be a resonant frequency.
  • This capacitance substantially decreases the resonant frequency while concentrating the electric field.
  • Positive feedback excites spontaneous oscillations at the resonant frequency of the cavities.
  • Therefore, the particle can be located quite precisely by its resonant frequency.
  • The resonant frequency of the SRR depends on its shape and physical design.
  • The resonant frequency being different at different locations of the room.
  • There are some requirements for an object to have an audible resonant frequency.
  • The thickness of the ceramic substrate determines the resonant frequency of the device.
  • Two coupled resonators may interact not only at the resonant frequencies.
  • An LC circuit, oscillating at its natural resonant frequency, can store electrical energy.
  • The resonant frequency of the mechanical oscillator should be several times per second.
  • So a clock that ticks to that resonant frequency will be highly accurate.
  • The SRR's resonant frequency was smaller than the monopole operation frequency.
  • Also note that the resonant frequency on many objects isn't audible.
  • Otosclerosis increases in the stiffness of the middle-ear system, raising its resonant frequency.
  • Raising the woofer increases the height of the column so lowering its resonant frequency.
  • At the resonant frequency, energy is transmitted efficiently, and the incoming vibration is amplified.
  • This will induce the change of the resonant frequency of the comb finger structure.
  • That will give you a rough curve of resonant frequency vs . belt tension.
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